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Safety valves

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The safety valve is the second element forming part of the Leakage/Purge Compensation System.  
This element has three functions :
  • Its main function is a safety one that ensures the opening of the valve at an acceptable pressure for the mechanical resistance of the casing.
    The calibration carried out at the factory stage according to clients'specification. 
  • The second function is allowing a scanning with an air flow going through the casing. 
  • The third one is managing the throughgoing flow by transforming this flow into pressure, when it is coming through the safety valve.
    The pressure signal is then sent to the LCS unit to be checked. 
The flow/pressure calibration of the safety valve as well as the calibration of the pneumatic control contact of this pressure are performed in factory according to your specifications.  
The certification of the safety valve is IP 65.
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