Devices for explosive atmospheres
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The purge system has the function of generating all safety sequences and safety functions as provided in the EN 60079 standards and in the new directive 94/09/CE ( ATEX standards) applicable since July 1st, 2003.
The PS type scanning units have the function of purging with a protective gas the outer section of spark-proof material before switching it on, with the purpose of avoiding any presence of toxic or explosive atmosphere.
The power-on and power-off of the material installed in the casing is ensured by an Eex d II C T6 electro-pneumatic contact.  
The PS type scanning units come in the form of a single small-sized casing with a minimum number of connections. It comprises four fixing attachments for a fast and easy fitting on a frame.
A plate is fixed inside the casing. On this plate are installed all the pneumatic elements that ensure the functions specified in the standard.

Different types according to the required scanning rates :